Tile & Sanitary

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These kaolin’s have exceptional ceramic properties such as, outstanding whiteness and mechanical strength which are particularly important to the sanitary ware industries. Mines of these kaolins are located in the south –west of England. . Read More

Porcelain & Tableware

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Endeka Ceramics is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of processed zircon products and accounts for almost 20% of global zircon opacifier production and more than 10% of global zircon flour production and as such, is one of the worlds largest purchasers of premium grade zircon sand.Read More



Basis weight of paper tells the unit eg (kg, g, mm, cm and inch etc) and the size of a paper. It is the composing basic quality, the weight of paper per unit area, when comparing the quality of paper, basic conditions are out put or unit of scales with the unit and the unit price making decision of basis element(Unit : g/m2). Read More

Our Services

To achieve a greater return than the cost of capital for our shareholders.

To meet customer needs in a superior and measurable manner

To empower our employees to reach their full potential in a dynamic and equitable environment.

To create long-term relationships with our suppliers based on collaboration and mutual trust for synergistic mutual gain.

Our Partners

Kamenas is proud to be the exclusive agent & distributor of twenty top suppliers of raw materials and intermediate products from all over the world.We are proud to be the agent and distributor of reputable companies like Endeka Ceramics and Imerys Minerals.Most of our suppliers are from Europe, however we also trade with some suppliers'who always emphasis on high quality output' from China, Thailand, Korea,India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Products Overview

Kamenas is one of the main leaders of raw materials and intermediate products to ceramics and paper industries in Middle East area.We supply surface products and Zircosil with a complete range of products from ENDEKA frits, ENDEKA Glazes and ENDEKA Colours to various grades of Zircosil® opacifiers,Calcined Kaolin,Alumina,Calcium Carbonate,Ball Clay, Feldspar, Kaolin, Gold & Platinum(Paste & Brushing), Luster ,Transfer Paper,Printed decal,Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP) etc.

Message from Ceo

Kamenas is headquartered in Dubai and is a leading trader of most raw materials and intermediate products to the Ceramics and Paper industries.

Mohammad Saeidi
Chief Executive Officer

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